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Kotuku House

Kotuku is a 4-bed crisis respite house situated in the country where people who are experiencing an emotional distress or mental health crisis can stay for up to one week as an alternative to hospitalisation.  The aim is to provide a comfortable non-judgmental environment in which the guests are supported to process the stresses they are experiencing and explore new possibilities for themselves using an intentional peer support model of practice.   


 Kotuku House   Kotuku


- a poem from one of our guests -


“What is this place called Kotuku ?

It is a paradise operated by fabulous caring people

So close to all the action yet in a world of its own.

Serene, peaceful restful, no pressure, so close to nature

Sit and watch the fantails flitting from tree to tree

The chooks scratching around in the gardens etc

The goldfish cruising around in their own little world.

And of course we have Lily.

One is at liberty (within reason) to converse with the workers, confide in workers or sit and ponder on one’s own.

Guests arrive all at sea and normally so quiet

But within two or three days are also joining the family, a family a lot of us did not have,

Sitting together also as a family, dining on healthy home cooked meals (not to mention the home baking)

How many of us these days sit together at a table, dining and talking?

The place is hard to describe. It is a “thing” in the mind that is surreal.

The instigator of Kotuku is unknown to me. However it has been thoughtfully made for the potential assistance of people like me.

These are just the ravings of a person that is just so grateful”.

- George


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